The Rime of the Ancient Engineer

Drunk Engineer

Close friend of mine went to a New Year’s party. He was looking for some action but got none. This poem was written by him but he shall remain anonymous because he doesn’t want future employers to see this in case they googled his name. So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the unedited version of “The Rime of the Ancient Engineer”.

To a club of honey and milk,
the geek goes to freak;
Accompanied by his ilk,
clad in his finest silk.
Of cheap liquor he reeks,
and to get laid he seeks.
With stealthy glances he peeks,
at the rosy ass-cheeks;
And longs to dip his beak
between the mounds and the peaks.
But his pants betray a leak;
And the pretty girls go “eek!”
While he stands like a hick,
with a raging lonely dick.
Alas! the misses call him sick.
And all that he yearned to lick,
is gone in a tick.

~ The Lonesome Engineer