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Your SaaS product is a “nice-to-have”, so now what?

Everyone wants to build a “must-have” software product, but must-have software categories are almost always crowded, usually with large, well-entrenched incumbents. Most founders end up building “nice to have” products, and then hope that their category becomes a “must have” for the market. From personal experience, I can see A/B testing start out as a

What marketers get wrong about lead scoring

Recently, a team of SaaS marketers asked me about how we implemented lead scoring at VWO, and what they should be doing to implement the same for their product. They explained the approaches they were considering, and how they wanted to orchestrate the entire thing. I asked them if the salesteam was involved, and they

How to decide if SDRs should report into Sales or Marketing

Who am I writing for? People who’re responsible for orchestrating Sales or Marketing processes in B2B SaaS startups. The “sales pipeline” often starts at the opportunity stage, after an SDR has spoken to the lead and confirmed that they are in the market right now, they have the budget to buy, and the size &

Why No One Responds To Your Customer Success Managers

Who am I writing this for: people who are building or managing a Customer Success function. What’s my key point: your CSMs need to provide value, and for that it’s better they specialize based on industry (or business-type) versus round-robin or regional distribution. Our experience with the Hubspot CSM When we bought Hubspot as our marketing

A Few Pointers About Affiliate Marketing in SaaS

Generally speaking, affiliate marketing in B2B SaaS depends on how you want to incentivize the partner your average ticket size from one referred sale how fast your product is selling the cost of acquiring one customer how much post-sale training and support is required by the customer who provides this training and support the cost

Price Your SaaS Product Higher So That I Can Feel Good

Read Quote of Siddharth Deswal’s answer to What do B2B buyers typically think of when they see pricing ending with “.99” as opposed to “.00”? on Quora

SaaS Marketing Mistakes – Targeting

A few months ago, we got together a cartoonist and a developer to create a crazy-ass parallax scrolling page. This particular piece of beauty is probably the easiest guide to A/B testing on the web. It is really good and we were mighty excited to share it all over the interwebs. As part of that, we