Abbe chamar hai kya?

I’ve recently gotten into this nasty habit of using the word “chamar” as a derogatory term for anyone who I consider uncouth or lacking in basic manners. As I am currently at home recovering from an eye surgery,  one of the familial types overheard me call my younger brother Joji the same and I was promptly told to stfu.

Now you must understand where I’m coming from. I’m a pukka Jat from the bastion of us Jats, Haryana.

That’s us.

Jats protesting water cutUs again.

Umm, yeah okay, that’s us too!

Somewhere, I must have heard someone say that and it stuck. Jats use chamar as a cuss word all the time. In fact, Jat forums have bloody threads dedicated to chamar jokes (see this, and this, and this) and anecdotes.

Anyway, coming to the point of this little post. I accept that I was wrong in using the name of a caste as a swear word and I have stopped doing so.

PS: Here’s the fun part. Jat jokes abound all over the net. We’re known as simple minded yokels who are quick to take offense where none was meant :-) We on the other hand think we’re one of the smartest races on Earth and jokes made by us usually talk of outwitting the village baniya or a slick city dweller.

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  • Ankhi Chamara says:

    abe g@ndu jat…hukka leke tere gand mein thuns dia jayega…….1857 ke gaddar m@d@rchodo ke nasal….angrejo se jameene hansil karne ke liye tumne bhe finally desh bech dia tha……150 saal pehle roti seedhe khane ko nhi the, chamaro se mang mang ke rotia khate the…….Chamar-Karkota dynasty jab rule karti the central asia se bangal tak tab jaat sindh mein “tatti” saaf kia karte the……jat patrika ka “tatti” pad pad ke tere dimag mein “tatti” he bhar gaya hai…chutiye kabhe asli history bhe khol ke dekh le………….1945 ke 2nd world war battle of kohima mein japenese ke khaal udhedne ke liye Chamar Regiment ko Honor of Battle of Kohima bhe mila tha British se……kabhe net pe search kar lio….ab ye baat aur hai ke tere malik castes ke mili bhagat se regiment khatam ho gaya….aur usi japan ke army ne jis 2 take ke chinese army ko mar ke faila diya tha usi army se jato ne apni peeth mein aur g@nd mein goliyan khayi the 1962 mein…
    ..aur sun behen ke lund sikh dharam bhe chamaro ne khada kia tha…chamar he chandni chowk se guru tegbahadur ka sar wapas leke gaye the…1 chamar sangat singh ne guru gobind singh ka kapde pehen ke baki chamaro ke sath mughal army ka samna kia tha aur tab jake guru govind singh ke jaan bachi the aur sikh dharam bana tha…

    ab tu jara sach mein 1 jat ke aulad hai to tu is comment ko publish kar ke dikha…dekhu jat sirf g@nd mein goli he kha sakte hai border pe khada hoke aur desh ke naak katva sakte hai aur, nihatho pe peetch peeche war kar sakte hai ya sach mein kuch kaleja bhe rakhte hai….
    na tu is comment ko publish nahi karega kyunki jat namard hote hai…aur aisa jatnia khud bolte hai….

  • Ankhi Chamara says:

    no comment moderation…good…………par ab tu is comment ko delete to pakka he karega….sach ka samna to koi jaat kabhe nahi kar sakta……

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