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How to mindfuck your website visitors

Just came across this and it pissed me off so bad I had to make a quick image out of this. If any of you are baiting and switching your visitors, please stop doing it because it’s one massive mindfuck.

Was reading an article on when something interesting caught my eye.

Bait the visitor by showing them something interesting

When I clicked through to the Most Popular hoping to read about the billionaire dude/family that owns Red Bull, it simply wasn’t there. Massive mindfuck resulted in this quick post.

And then don’t show them what they came for.

While a Bait and Switch might work in real-life retail, it doesn’t in the online world. In the former, when a customer walks in to the store expecting a certain discount or offer, he’s comes after making an investment of time and effort to get dressed, get into the car, seek out your store, finding a spot in congested parking lots and finally, walk in. This investment is a deterrent that makes him stay and buy something else.

Online, there’s no effort. In fact, when you try to pull crap like that, there’s an incentive for people to vent; some in the comments, some through posts like this and some by inciting Anonymous to DDOS the crap out of your servers.

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