Problem Solvers versus Solution Providers

Viswas Iyer is a Business Analyst working with A3Logics in Jaipur. A3Logics provides IT solutions to customers worldwide and has about 350 employees on its rolls.

Viswas is a high performer who was recently awarded Employee of the Month and is known to engage very well with clients from Europe and the US. So I asked him “What makes you a better performer than the others?”

And this is what Viswas had to say –

“The others always sell the IT solution. As soon as a client requests a particular software solution, many of my colleagues start thinking in terms of how much will the project cost, how much time will it take and the maximum price at which they can sell it.

However, when I speak to a client, I first ask her to define the problem clearly, to identify the target user group and how she thinks the solution will help. This gives me a clear understanding of the problem and her expectations. 

Then I go about using my knowledge to best solve the problem. In this phase, I’m completely honest with the client. There are cases where the solution will cost lesser than what she had originally budgeted and I tell her so. Many-a-times, I feel more value can be provided by more expensive solutions, and am usually able to convince the client to go for that.”

That was as clear an explanation as I need to understand what was happening.

Most of us try to sell our product/solution/service when we should be trying to help the customer solve her problem. Viswas understands this and he usually has repeat clients specifically asking for him to handle their project, and since he has become more of a consultant than a solution provider, he is able to up-sell (or up-suggest), thus directly contributing to the financial goals of his employers.

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