What you can learn about Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning from a Pizza

Many students in b-school find it very difficult to clearly understand the concepts of segmentation, targeting and positioning. Segmentation is easy, most grasp it immediately. After all, segmentation is simply slotting things together based on certain shared characteristics. Take Airbnb.com for example. It’s users can be divided into two primary segments: those who are seeking a place […]

What gets me angry.

Angry Man

We had a class yesterday. This course is taken by a guest faculty. He has years and years of experience. He’s boring and feels quite redundant because most of what he says is just a verbal representation of his powerpoint and notes.

Yesterday, he got the dirty vibe form our class and asked “Why are you here?”

About 4 or 5 replied in unision “ATTENDANCE”. Yup, we have compulsory attendance rules.

That really ticked him off and he spent the next 30 minutes asking whoever said it to stand up. No one did. Not one fucking asshole did.

Then he promised no negative repercussions. Again, none of them got up.

He raved and he ranted, but then promised extra marks in internal evaluation. Again, none of them got up.

And that gets me mad. A bunch of spineless guys who will easily shoot their mouths off when protected by the anonymity of a crowd. As soon as they’re asked to stand up, take responsibility for their words and make some fucking meaningful contribution, their tails go between their legs and make for a sight a shite lot worse than cowardly dogs.

Unfortunately, I’ve come across people like this all my life, knowing that there are yet more to come. No balls, cynical, unwilling to do stand up and be counted but the first to talk shit.

My only hope is, when vested with the responsibility to do so, I am capable enough of recognizing and weeding them out.