Drunk Engineer

The Rime of the Ancient Engineer

Close friend of mine went to a New year’s party. He was looking for some action but got none. This poem was written by him but he shall remain anonymous … Continue Reading →


Indian Institutes of Technology: Why does an IIT graduate really need to do MBA from one of the top universities?

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Quora Answer: Was Jesus just another yogi?

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An MBA among Hackers: Organization Structure

An MBA among Hackers – Organization Structure

Have recently joined a startup and this is a humourous take on life from my perspective. All views are my own and I’m the MBA.

IIT Troll Featured Image

IITs Trolled

Have had enough of people treating the IITs (and the IIMs) as something sacred that cannot be touched. Fanaticism of any kind is unwanted, and after seeing this meme at … Continue Reading →

Reservation in Higher Education

Reservations in Higher Education – Why I think they’re required

We hear a lot of passionate debate against reservations based on caste in higher education in India. However, there must be some logic to reservations except vote-bank politics. Here is … Continue Reading →

Life in Sherwood: Horsman Wing

To get started, Sherwood College is a boarding school located in Nainital, Uttranchal, India. The school started in 1869 by Robert Milman and has two wings: Horsman Wing (junior school, … Continue Reading →

How do you react to brands?

(Image courtesy The Brads, one of my favourite webcomics) Have you ever felt like this after talking to a marketing professional, or after reading a report about the research done … Continue Reading →

A good laugh over the bullshit we peddle

Want to have a good laugh and at the same time, spend a few seconds of your life ruminating over the bullshit that we as a society are given to … Continue Reading →

Sherwood, on the Night of India’s Independence

Sherwood, On the night of India’s Independence in 1947 !  I was in Sherwood (RH) from 1941 to 1947 . In those days we usedto sit the Cambridge exams and I did … Continue Reading →

The best alarm clock is sunshine on chrome.



What I learnt from my breakup

Once upon a time , I used to be in a relationship with this girl who lived close to my home in Jaipur. We’d met through a mutual friend and … Continue Reading →