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Here’s When NOT To Write Benefits-Driven Marketing Copy

Who am I writing for? Marketers, copywriters, SaaS founders, and anyone else writing marketing copy. Don’t write benefits driven copy if your target buyers are experienced and already in the market for solutions similar to yours. Also, don’t write benefits-driven copy if the majority of your buyers have already used something similar to your solution

The Golden Rule Of Opinions In A SaaS Startup

If you can’t back up your opinions with user testing results of at least 10 of your target users/buyers, then you my friend, are probably talking out of your ass.

On Recognizing Good Engineers

Who am I writing for? Marketing, sales, product (business people) and engineers/programmers who need to work closely with each other in technology companies. What’s my key point? Find and work with engineers who are actually business people but solve their parts of the problem through code/engineering. I’ve been working with engineers for a few years

Bad Distribution Is Killing Your Content Marketing Efforts

Who am I writing for? SaaS startup founders and marketing folks who’re planning to, or currently engaged in, content marketing. What’s my key point? Content distribution, or the lack thereof, is the reason why your content marketing efforts aren’t giving you any real results. When creating your plan, spend a lot of time thinking about

Why No One Responds To Your Customer Success Managers

Who am I writing this for: people who are building or managing a Customer Success function. What’s my key point: your CSMs need to provide value, and for that it’s better they specialize based on industry (or business-type) versus round-robin or regional distribution. Our experience with the Hubspot CSM When we bought Hubspot as our marketing

In SaaS, the problem shifts as you move to the enterprise

Who is this for: startup founders who’re building SaaS tools. TL;DR: when you’re a ‘tool’ the problem is a tactical one that’s solved by the product, but as you start adding features, increase prices and become more than a tool, the problem you’re solving tends to move towards your customer’s ‘success’ and you solve it through services,

Create new communication channels

Want to create an incredibly successful startup and make the world a better place in the process? Create a communication channel for businesses to reach their potential customers, and they’ll pay you handsomely for it. Your approach to creating the communication channel doesn’t matter as long as you acquire a large enough user base with some spending power. There’s

For dummies: trusted-client vs. server-authoritative network model

The title of this post is overly complicated but I promise you the content of the presentation is beautifully easy to understand (drop a comment if it isn’t). Glenn Fiedler wrote an insightful post on the cheats and player-exploitable glitches in the Ubisoft video-game “Tom Clancy’s The Division”. He says that it seems the game

Quick and easy guide to SaaS lead scoring

When deciding on a lead scoring model for your enterprise B2B SaaS software, base your scoring on the following points: The lever on which your pricing is based. For example, at VWO our pricing depends on the website traffic that you want to A/B test. So this becomes an important question for us to ask

Presenting SheetsCMS, a simple CMS built on Google Docs

Just built over a few hours of coding. Incredibly simple, but it works. Check it out and let me know if you’d like to deploy it on your own server.