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I’m Siddharth and I’m practicing being brutally honest. It’s difficult but at the same time, a lot of fun. People feel weird around those who are “too” honest and can’t put up the façade required by polite society. I don’t like being part of polite society. It makes me feel I’m part of a sham and I don’t like being part of any shams.

In fact, when I am in the society of someone who can’t directly kick my ass (boss, professor, policeman, local thug) I’ll usually ask them to “cut the cute bit”. When I’m with someone who has no direct implications on my mental and physical well-being and I am forced to be politically correct, I rebel by falling into a tone that is unabashedly sarcastic. Many of my acquaintances have experienced this first hand. They hate me for it.

I like people who are square and respectful of others. If you can coolly tell me the truth however hard it is for me, I’ll like you. I can’t stand God’s fan club. If you fervently believe in any form of religion, in my mind you’re a bit of an idiot. That’s because you are adhering to the thought process of smart marketers/storytellers who lived centuries ago.

If you want to connect professionally, Linkedin and Twitter are good. In terms of value, I can provide quite a bit when it comes to marketing SaaS apps.

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You can get in touch with me at siddharth at deswal dot org or leave a comment below.

As of March 4, 2012, I am an ENFP. Don’t take this too seriously though, because on previous occasions I have also come out as an ENTP.

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Psychology. Analytics. Experimentation. Story Telling. Otherwise, I do marketing at Visual Website Optimizer.


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