Sherwood, on the Night of India’s Independence

Sherwood College, Nainital

    Sherwood, On the night of India’s Independence in 1947 !
    I was in Sherwood (RH) from 1941 to 1947 . In those days we used
    to sit the Cambridge exams and I did my SC in 1946, and followed
    up with Inter Science in 1947.
    Prior to being in Sherwood, I was in Philander Smith College on
    Sherkadanda Hill , from 1939 to 1940 , when it closed down . I
    believe the buildings are now occupied by Birla School.
    You ask what we got up to …..Well , with Independence Day
    approaching, this brief escapade might be of interest.
    On the night of Independence in 1947 about 8 or 10 us sneaked
    out to town after lights out . We went down to Malli Tal and on
    our way acquired a very nice Tricolour . We then proceeded to
    Talli Tal and greeted any folk we met with a robust ‘Jai Hind’.
    I believe that the people were pleasantly surprised and pleased
    by our joining in on this very auspicious occasion.
    In Talli Tal we went to one of our favourite Indian Sweet shops
    and persuaded the owner to open up and serve us. The time was
    about 2 to 3 a.m. ! I don’t think we were charged very much for
    the sweets we consumed.
    We then headed up to Ramnee Convent and planted the Flag in
    their playing field . We had to make a hasty exit because we
    hadn’t been too quiet in this operation and people were
    beginning to stir.
    From there we went to the Teacher Training Block at All Saints.
    Some of us had girl friends in the TC block, so we threw gravel
    up at the windows of these particular girls. However, we awoke
    more than the ones we had intended, and again we had to vanish
    as fast as we could.
    We got back to the dorms undetected , for a brief sleep!
    I look back on this event and consider that we were very
    fortunate to have had the opportunity to celebrated India’s
    first day, hours, of Independence.
    – Paul Dickson (Sherwood College, Nainital, 1941 to 47)

I enjoy negotiations!


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We’ve had some really interesting negotiation exercises in class lately and I really enjoy these sessions. Here’s a bit of what I learnt.

  1. Make the other party talk – This seems to be the golden rule to getting oneself a fair deal in a negotiation. Make the other party talk as much as they can. Specially if they are a group. Very rarely do groups agree completely or have the same viewpoint or even have decided as to who the mouthpiece is going to be. Such situations are ripe for the harvesting of fissures and weaknesses. This automatically means a lot of open ended questions and consequent listening.
  2. Don’t ever give something away for free – If you’re conceding, ensure that you receive a commensurate deal in return. If that deal is diluted, block it immediately.
  3. Don’t take yourself too seriously – As that means you’re ready to walk away from the table with only a deadlock. If the other party knows that you’re ready to get up and simply leave without any sort of agreement, your bargaining power has gone up substantially.
  4. Never want anything too bad – Again to do with bargaining power. If you want something desperately, don’t let it show.
  5. Just around the corner – Go with the mindset of Dr. Jekyll, but ensure Mr. Hyde is just around the corner.
  6. Forget defense – The best defense is attack. If attacked, forget all about the cute defensive maneuvers. Go for the jugular. If you miss, quickly set about finding another one.
  7. Be ready to give – The best negotiations are where both parties feel they’ve got enough, though not all. If faced with someone actually cooperative and thinking for the greater good, give them support.
  8. Have a Stop-Loss slightly above your position – This ensures that the least you’ll get to is still profit.

Please feel free to agree or disagree as vehemently as you like in the comments below. I understand I’m too gung-ho about the entire aggression thing, but I feel it works.

What gets me angry.

Angry Man

We had a class yesterday. This course is taken by a guest faculty. He has years and years of experience. He’s boring and feels quite redundant because most of what he says is just a verbal representation of his powerpoint and notes.

Yesterday, he got the dirty vibe form our class and asked “Why are you here?”

About 4 or 5 replied in unision “ATTENDANCE”. Yup, we have compulsory attendance rules.

That really ticked him off and he spent the next 30 minutes asking whoever said it to stand up. No one did. Not one fucking asshole did.

Then he promised no negative repercussions. Again, none of them got up.

He raved and he ranted, but then promised extra marks in internal evaluation. Again, none of them got up.

And that gets me mad. A bunch of spineless guys who will easily shoot their mouths off when protected by the anonymity of a crowd. As soon as they’re asked to stand up, take responsibility for their words and make some fucking meaningful contribution, their tails go between their legs and make for a sight a shite lot worse than cowardly dogs.

Unfortunately, I’ve come across people like this all my life, knowing that there are yet more to come. No balls, cynical, unwilling to do stand up and be counted but the first to talk shit.

My only hope is, when vested with the responsibility to do so, I am capable enough of recognizing and weeding them out.