Abbe chamar hai kya?

I’ve recently gotten into this nasty habit of using the word “chamar” as a derogatory term for anyone who I consider uncouth or lacking in basic manners. As I am currently at home recovering from an eye surgery,  one of the familial types overheard me call my younger brother Joji the same and I was promptly told to stfu.

Now you must understand where I’m coming from. I’m a pukka Jat from the bastion of us Jats, Haryana.

That’s us.

Jats protesting water cutUs again.

Umm, yeah okay, that’s us too!

Somewhere, I must have heard someone say that and it stuck. Jats use chamar as a cuss word all the time. In fact, Jat forums have bloody threads dedicated to chamar jokes (see this, and this, and this) and anecdotes.

Anyway, coming to the point of this little post. I accept that I was wrong in using the name of a caste as a swear word and I have stopped doing so.

PS: Here’s the fun part. Jat jokes abound all over the net. We’re known as simple minded yokels who are quick to take offense where none was meant :-) We on the other hand think we’re one of the smartest races on Earth and jokes made by us usually talk of outwitting the village baniya or a slick city dweller.